Life can be boring!

Life can be quite boring.
Life can be absolutely mundane at times.
Life can also be repetitive.

Phew! Someone had to say it out loud.
We cannot skip through these parts.
We simply cannot.

We have to get through each of those the moments, hours and days.
This is when our mind begins to craft an alternate reality.
In this reality, we could be spending time with friends, a partner, or be in a different place, or more pleasant weather and being excited or happier.
We could find temporary solace in our imagination.

At other times, there is no happy ending to the day.
It ends with us feeling sour and incomplete.
We wish it was better, but it isn’t.
And that is okay.

Now at this point, we may try to philosophize why this is so, or ‘be positive’.
We may try to think of things that went well in our day, and be grateful.
We may try to remind ourselves of the teaching moments,
However, emptiness or plain boredom outweighs these.

This is very important to include, in our vision and expectation from life.
Sometimes, life passes slowly.
And that is okay.


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